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Applying for KC? Read this! Rules and Recruitment Proccess
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No icon Applying for KC? Read this! Rules and Recruitment Proccess Posted: Sun Oct 23, 2011 4:17 pm Reply with quote

Recruitment Doors are now open

Some basic FAQ

Q: Who is right for Kryptic Contact?
A: Easy, almost everyone. We cater to both casual and competitive players alike. We have members that come in game for a few hours a week and those who are more hardcore and look to compete in Leagues and Ladders. We do not have requirements of participation in KC. We allow members to put in as much effort they feel they need into making KC run smoothly and successfully. However, if you put in more effort and time, You shall be rewarded a higher rank you shall receive than those who play 2-3 hours a week. We encourage you to take part in the project that we are involved in. We understand this is a game and it's made to be enjoyed, thus we want to let you enjoy it how you see fit.

Now we say almost everyone because we only recruit those who are mature and worthwhile to our family. You must understand that every time you jump into our server with our tags on, you are not only putting your own reputation out there, but the clan as a whole. So if you are one of those people who cause problems and are obnoxious in servers you jump into, then KC is not the clan for you. Our recruitment process  has worked great at pulling out the weeds to ensure we only have those who will help make us and our reputation grow as an elite FPS clan.

Q: Is there and age requirement for your clan?
A: We do have an age requirement of 18+ to join our clan. We believe this will help keep the maturity level higher. However, there is a possibility to join at a younger age, but the recruitment process may differ and take a little longer.

Q: Do I have to pay to be in your clan?
A: No, we do not force people to pay nor are donations mandatory. Although donations are highly appreciated. All donations go towards the website and servers.

Q: Where is this clan based?
A: Most of our members are in the United States. We have members across the globe, including one of our clan leaders, who is  from Norway. So any nationality is welcome here. Just please be able to speak decent English when you come into teamspeak.

Q: Are there any required software applications?
A: YES, all our members are required to have TeamSpeak, Steam (encouraged but not required), Origin (for BF3) and at least one game we currently play. All clan members are expected to be online regularly and participate in teamspeak often. Steam, Forums, and TeamSpeak are the clan's main forms of communication. This is how you will stay up to date with what's going on in our world. We recommend Steam (many games require steam and has some chat/communication features) and TeamViewer (mainly used for technical support between members).

Q: Can I change my name?
A: No, we recognize everyone by their alias, or in-game name. We ask you to register with all clan holdings and play under the same name if possible. If we allowed players to change their name as they please, it would be very difficult to keep everything straight and orderly. We do understand that some games only allow one account used with a single name such as Battlefield. In such cases we request, from here on out that you register new accounts and soldiers with a similar name. In example: Clown is a commonly used name and the likelyhood of reserving such name is slim to none, so a suitable change would be Clown:KC:, Clowney, ClownKC, Clown748, etc.

Q: What is the recruitment process?
A: Our recruitment process is designed to help ensure quality players exceed and bad apples plucked. We do not have a set period for an applicant to be accepted like some clans. Each and every applicant will have a different recruitment length that caters to them personally and how we see fit. Our members are here to help ensure that the applicant knows, understands, and follows the rules that govern KC. Below is the most common timeline of how a person will become a full member of :KC:.

-First the applicant takes interest in Kryptic Contact, whether that's through an acquaintance or current member of KC, or because you liked playing in a server we currently host, or just randomly came across us one day.

-Player jumps on TeamSpeak with us and talks to a few members, asking questions about KC or just having some quality convos to pass the time.
-Player decides they want to apply, they register on the forums, read all the rules (probably what you're doing now) and applies as the directions requests them to do so.
-Player continues to play in our servers, talk with us on TeamSpeak, etc.
-Member contacts you and lets you know if you are accepted into the recruitment process. Usually take about 2 weeks. Checking your application doesn't hurt in case we have not gotten a hold of you yet. Declined players start over at stage two. If you are originally declined it may be because we do not know you, don't think you're right for Kryptic Contact, or some other reason. This doesn't mean it is a definite no and can be reversed if needed. If accepted, you will be asked to put on the recruitment tags on all games and servers you actively participate in. (:kc:)
-Applicant continues to play with us on our servers, talk with us on teamspeak and so forth. They learn and understand through their future clans mates what is expected in each member of the clan. Asking questions if needed and being corrected if we feel you are doing something wrong or something we feel is not in KC's best interest. During this time the member will receive some minor hazing.  Twisted Evil
-You are asked upload an Avatar and update your Roster profile.This can be done by following the link provided in your application or by selecting "Chang your Info" at the bottom of the Roster page. You will not be able to receive full tags until this is done.
-After Roster Profile has been updated, a Poll is created in a clan only section asking for members input on your membership. They may say Yay or nay and discuss any issues they might see with your membership. Opinions may be asked for from all members in the behavior and progress of the applicant. We then will discuss and debate whether the applicant shall be accepted, denied, or correct and fix problems we feel they are having and lengthen the recruitment period. Before the applicant is given tags, This vote will be removed so that those who spoke freely and honestly will not receive backlash from comments and opinions made.
-Applicant is accepted and is asked to start wearing the full member tags (:KC:) on all their applications and games. Welcome messages are posted, ranks and rights are awarded. If a member doesn't have the rights they believe they should have, please contact an officer.

Q: Rules for Kryptic Contact?
1)Respect All. This includes everyone, even the sob that sniped you from the same spot on the other side of the map 17 times in a row. You are wearing our clan tags, everything you say and do reflect on everyone that is apart of this group. Remove yourself from the situation before it gets too heated. Playing on a different part of the map or joining a different server if need be. Doesn't look good to new recruits with current members mouthing off to others.

2)Wear your clan tags with pride. You are given the right to put on tags when we feel you represent what KC is all about. You are required to wear your tags all clan dealings. This includes teamspeak, any games we may, or anything else we may participate in. Recruits wear a lower case kc and full members are upper case. KC belongs at the end of your name (if applicable). Tags generally look like ":KC:/:kc:" unless prohibited from doing so like in BF3, in such a case, a simple KC will do.

3) Clan members may not hack or cheat, this includes 3rd party hacks, cheats, glitches, exploits, or anything else that unrightfully gives you an advantage over other players. This is a zero tolerance rule and if caught, you will be banned from all clan holdings.

4)Clan mates come first. This includes squads, teamspeak, server, etc. Please give clan members priority in open slots/spots when available. Teamspeak and Server slots are reserved for clan members. If there is not a spot open, ask an admin to make room. This is a benefit that does not pass to those who are not in the clan. They can wait for spot to open up. They can apply to the clan if they would like this to change. If your in a public server, with 4 others, the slots in the squad should go to those in the clan first before guests.

5)Please remain respectful and controlled on teamspeak. We know this game gets frustrating, but negative attitudes can be very contagious causing a domino effect. We understand a god dammit, or fucking A, etc when you die from time to time. But constantly hearing people complain and complain about being shot, lag, etc brings us all down. If you have Lag, 99% of the time its user base. Get better internets,Upgrade computer, run some anti malware, etc. Complaining about lag when you clearly got owned just hurts us all. Learn how the game runs and how hit detection works before you blame the game.

6)We are a mature clan and "inappropriate" language will be used and heard. However we do ask you to keep it respectful. We may ask you to tone it down if we feel it is getting out of hand or being disrespectful to others. We have ZERO TOLERANCE for any racism in our clan holdings. This includes our servers, forums, TeamSpeak, etc.
We do ask you to keep talk about politics and religion to a minimum due the that fact it can be a heated topic to others.

Beyond that we ask you to be respectful to all clan members and quests in our servers, TeamSpeak, and forums. Clan Admins have final say. Respect their decisions.

Please read the below points and follow them carefully:

Before your app can be accepted, you MUST join in on our TeamSpeak 3 server so that our clan members have an opportunity to get to know you better... That means you'll need a microphone.

If you do not join in on TS - then do not submit an application as it will be turned down. If you join in on TS, use the same name you applied under so we can recognize you easily.

Members will review your application and contact you when a decision has been determined.

If you have been accepted, we will send you a welcome email/message and post a welcome to you on the forums.

***If you are accepted you may place :kc: in your name in:
- In-game name
- Xfire, Steam, etc.
- TeamSpeak
- Ventrilo
- Forums
- Shoutbox

***example: Clown :kc:
We us lower case "kc" for our recruits and Upper Case "KC" for our members.

We look forward to your application!
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